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Collaborate with others in real-time or delayed-time, using an online collaboration session that’s free for up to 10 users. A dedicated server can be deployed for organization needing more than 25 users. Use the Create Meeting Link to invite others to the Collaboration Map, which displays:

  • Attendee Statistics -shows each user how many topics they’ve created
  • Split Meeting - cuts off a topic, to create another collaboration map
  • Vote -lets users decide on options in real-time
  • Minutes -creates summary or meeting minutes of the collaboration session in MS Word format

Each map can also be posted online. You can directly copy and paste HTML code to the website, blog, or bulletin board, or simply create a link to a map. With mobile apps for iOS and Android, maps can be uploaded to Dropbox and synced between the MindMapper desktop and mobile app.

You can export and import maps to different formats to share or present

  • Export: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Outlook (tasks), MS OneNote
  • Import: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Outlook (tasks)
  • Save as: JPG, BMP, EMF, GIF, PNG, TIF, PDF, XPS, TXT, RFT, XML, Text based webpage


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