MindMapper News January 2014

MindMapper Special Offer

MindMapper comes with a Special Offer for the Beginning of 2014. Get the latest Version of either MindMapper 12 ARENA or MindMapper 12 SE STANDARD for our New Year Price now!!

MindMapper 12 ARENA

Updated Build Versions are available in the Download Area of this WebSite. Please make sure to update your existing MindMapper Version, so you can also use the full functionallity with the FREE companion Products for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

We just published the latest Build Vers. 6013 by January 06th 2014.

MindMapper Mobile

Free companion Products are available for iPhone/ipad and Android. Make sure you are usng latest Version of MindMapper 12 due to the new File Format which is used. For more details please visit the Products Area on this WebSite. We suggest Dropbox to synchronize your Files between Desktop and Mobile Versions.

MindMapper Upgrades

You are already using an older Version of MindMapper? Take your chance and Upgrade to the latest MIndMapper 12 Version, and enjoy even more Features, Functionallity and free mobile Products for Mind Mapping on the move.

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