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Why MindMapper ?
For Personal Development, Academics & Training, and your Business!

MindMapper is a visual thinking and data management tool. It helps you effectively create, gather, process, and manage information at individual, academic, and corporate levels.

Use MindMapper to plan out all areas of your life; from personal goals to daily task managements.

Navigate through your milestones, see where you’re going over the next few years-and get there. And if you enroll in courses, seminars, or lessons, use MindMapper to chart your progress toward reaching your goals.

It is ideal for:

  • Daily to-do lists
  • Daily diary
  • Personal assessments
  • Notes
  • Weekly schedule
  • Planning: Financial/Education/Vacation/Events/Family

Use MindMapper to get even more out of your education through information gathering and management, including note taking, training, and research.

MindMapper can enhance learning capabilities by simplifying and clarifying complex, overwhelming information, so you can see it as it should be: understandable.

Use MindMapper for:

  • Lecture/class note taking and organizing
  • Planning essays/theses/dissertations
  • Previewing and reviewing
  • Group or team assignments
  • Creating a study roadmap for the school year
  • Personal knowledge management
  • Self-directed study
  • Research papers

In the corporate world, MindMapper can improve productivity and communication, as well as project and task management.
Enhance communication between team members and your organization by clearly expressing measureable goals and what needs to be done to reach them. Just follow the map to complete tasks or projects.

Looking at a problem through many different angles and making associations creates a unique link that can provide answers and overcome bottlenecks. MindMapper is perfect for managing knowledge, resources, times, communications, and business objectives

MindMapper for Business:

  • Project and process planning
  • Meetings
  • Personal and corporate knowledge management
  • Brainstorming
  • Problem solving

MindMapper 12 Arena - Professional & Standard Edition

Learn more about MindMapper 12 Arena, the former Professional Edition, and also about MindMapper 12 SE Standard, the former Standard Edition, by choosing from the menu to your left. Don´t forget to look into the mobile companions for iPhone/iPad and Android which are offered free of cost.

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